notes #

Using hugo + book theme. Feel free to point out or even correct mistakes by creating an issue/ PR or through reaching out to any of my contacts listed on my website.

contributing #

Make a pull request on the GitHub repository. You only have to edit the master branch, GH actions generate the site after each push in the gh-pages branch (so ignore it).

When cloning this repository, you will (probably) have to run the following command to pull the book theme submodule:

git submodule update --init --recursive

todos #

  • Anki links
  • HLJS – will implement if I ever end up taking notes in a CS class
  • Hugo function to generate preview of each class’s notes on the their respective ‘home’ pages
    • E.x notes.mehvix.com/e-29/ would show a compilation of every week’s table of contents

  • OneDark theme :o
  • Import old AP notes
    • Made in Notion, will need to be cleaned up